Monday, April 27, 2009

Time to Catch Up!

We have had a really busy last week. Here are the highlights, mostly in pictures. We have a ton of pictures from the week, so we may try to put up a few others later in the week. Please enjoy these in the meantime.

Isla is three months old!

Isla's cousin Kameron celebrated his first birthday:

Kameron with Tiffany, his Godmother (or sponsor in some circles)

Kameron sharing some of his cake

Lastly, I was a standby juror today and was eventually selected to be on the jury of a trial. More importantly, Mr. T was also in my group. He was not selected to the jury. Here are a couple pictures of him:

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Happy Birthday Mommy

Today is Tiffany's birthday. We are going to the Cubs game tonight with our friends Kris and Maryann. Isla is headed over to the Murphy's for some fun with Adeline. Right now it's 45, rainy and windy in Chicago. In other words it's perfect weather for baseball.

Here's the birthday girl with Isla

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Bosley's Getting Angry

Last week, Isla was playing on her gymini. Bosley decided he would sit close while we were there playing with Isla. The squeaker in the mat became too much for him to handle. Watch it unfold.

Friday, April 17, 2009

Fun at Four in the Morning

Give a baby a bottle at 4:15 in the morning and hilarity will surely ensue.

Isla was wide awake after I fed her and she flashed me a couple of small smiles. I went and grabbed the camera, hoping to get just one. This was the encore. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Happy Birthday Kameron!

Today is Isla's cousin Kameron's 1st birthday! Yay! She is excited to celebrate with our favorite little buddy! 

Monday, April 13, 2009

This is the year!

It's the phrase Cubs fans have said to open the season for many, many years. Today our Cubbies play their first home game against the Colorado Rockies. In typical Opening Day fashion, it's rainy and cold here, but Isla is ready for the game and a victorious season! She comes from a long line of Cubs fans and thanks to this cap from her Grandpa Connolly, she can continue the hope for another World Series Championship in her lifetime. 

Until then...
Go, Cubs, Go! Go, Cubs, Go! Hey Chicago, whaddaya say? The Cubs are gonna win today!!

Play ball!

Isla with Grandpa

Isla and another Cubs hat from our friend Victor. He also gave us her first Cubs outfit, which she will grow into a little later in the season.

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Happy Easter

Isla got to meet the Easter Bunny yesterday. Well, maybe not the Easter Bunny, but at least one of his relatives. Here's the official picture:

She surprisingly slept through the whole thing. Here's a picture that Tiffany took:

We also attended an Easter Vigil last night. We had the pleasure of seeing our friends Alicia and Adeline Murphy both get baptized in the Catholic Church. Isla performed well during the two and a half hour service, only letting out a few grunts. Adeline also did great, especially considering she was up a few hours past her bedtime. She was very excited to join the church.

Here's a picture of Isla at home after the service:

Friday, April 10, 2009

Time to Celebrate!

We have a few pieces of exciting news to share.
The first is this:

Isla is now wearing Stage 1 diapers. We are completely out of the newborns and that is probably a good thing. Things were getting a little snug with them.

The other piece of good news came from the City of Chicago. For those of you who have followed the blog since the beginning, you may recall the parking ticket I received for leaving the car in the alley while I ran Isla upstairs when she was 5 days old. Today, we received word that we are not responsible for the $150 dollar fine. I really can't believe it. God bless you, Eileen M. O'Sullivan, Administrative Law Officer #92. You made a sound decision and for that we are grateful.
Here a few other pictures of Isla over the past few days:

Happy on her changing pad

Sitting on the couch in her jeans

Waving to her Mom while her Dad holds her

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Just Add Milk!

And that's what we have been doing - adding milk. Our little peanut isn't so little anymore. Isla went to the doctor on Friday and weighed in at ten pounds, six ounces. Dr. Benuck is very happy with her progress and is excited to see her again in 2 months.

Here are a few pictures from the last couple of days:

This onesie (which inspired the title of this post) was a gift from our neighbors Tim and Melanie. When they gave it to us when we first brought Isla home, Tiffany and I thought it would take forever for her to fit into it. That time has definitely come!

Here's Isla and her buddy. This picture makes Bosley look much larger than Isla. In reality, she is now only 7 pounds lighter than him. Their friendship is a work in progress.