Saturday, June 26, 2010

"Isla, do you want to...?"

Now that Isla is 17 months old, she has an answer for everything–no. But, depending on what you ask, you can get a body nod and a "yeah."

Monday, June 21, 2010

Winner, Winner BBQ Ribs for Dinner!

Here's a quick Father's Day Eve Recap post while the Tooth Tracker gets ready to spiral out of control.

We started our Father's Day celebration on Saturday morning with a nice 7 mile run. I put Isla's Cubs visor on for the first time in months. Amazingly enough, she left it on! Here we are just before we headed out. It should be noted that Isla slept for almost 6 of the 7 miles.

Despite being down to only one nap a day, Isla was worn out after we did a few things in the afternoon. Tiffany laid her down on the couch after she fell asleep on the way back home. She got pretty comfortable.

After a the nap ended and we changed clothes, we decided to head over to Fat Willy's. It is the second year in row we've gone there on the Saturday night before Father's Day. Call it the start of a great tradition.

The waitress gave Isla her own cup of water with a big straw. She was a big fan.

How about a full rack or ribs? I did not finish them.

"Are you gonna give me some ribs, or what?" Apparently the corn dog, mustard, onion rings and pickles weren't enough.

Now we're talking! What you can't see is Isla trying to grab the rib herself. Eventually, I let her.

Tiffany -"Did you like the ribs, Isla?"
Isla - "What kind of question is that, silly?"

"I love ribs!" And the barbeque sauce on her face proves it.

Now she's ready for the corndog. She'd much rather eat it off of the stick than eat the pieces cut up in front of her.

So long, Fat Willy's. See you next year!

A nice family shot

We just have so much fun, it's ridiculous!

Here's Isla helping me open my present after we made it home.

What a great day! I am so grateful and thankful for such an amazing wife and daughter. They really are the best.

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Happy Father's Day!

I love you, daddy!

Friday, June 18, 2010

Rib Fest 2010

Just in time for our annual trip down to Ribfest, Isla's eighth tooth came in! She was pretty excited as it would surely give her a little more power to bite into some ribs.

One of the great parts about Ribfest is that it's just a few "L" stops away.

Hammering down my first sampler.

Does Isla like ribs?

Let me chew on this bone before I tell you if I like them.

Yes, that is a good rib!

Here's what was left of the second sampler.

Ladies and gentlemen, the winners of Ribfest... Paul and Isla!

How about a little chocolate ice cream before we get back on the train to go back home?

So long, Ribfest! See you next year.


Morning time fun...for Isla!