Sunday, July 26, 2009

Happy Half Birthday, Isla Mae!

Wow! Our little Isla is now six months old. It seems like it was just yesterday we were at the hospital wondering when she was going to come out and join us. We go to the doctor next week, so we'll get all of the stats of how much she weighs and how long she is then. Without further adieu, here are the pictures from her half birthday.

Isla has also added another move to her repertoire. She now does this every time she is on her changing pad:

That's right. She immediately tries to put her feet in her mouth as soon as she's on her back.

Isla has also started opening her mouth as wide as humanly possible when she's eating her fruits, vegetables and cereal. Here's a good look at this as she is waiting for some sweet potatoes.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

The Monkeys Stand for Honesty

For those of you not really familiar with Simon and Garfunkel, that's a line from their song At the Zoo. Isla, Tiffany and I went to the zoo over the weekend with Nick, Jaime and Kameron. Here are some of the pictures:

Kameron was looking a little sleepy as we entered the zoo...but that would change

Isla was ready to go into the zoo with her sunglasses on

Here's a gorilla munching on something out of a paper bag

And here's Nick wearing a monkey mask. Or is it a monkey wearing a Nick costume?

Nick, Kameron and Jaime in the goat area

Kameron having a good time petting a goat

Here's the pony that Isla and Tiffany wanted to bring home

Here are the girls and little buddy

A combined family photo

Here's a happy baby in the midst of a meal this past week.

Here are a few pictures from a month ago when Michael and Jenna were here. I must have slacked off blogging that week. Sorry guys-

Isla pimped out...and exhausted

Jenna and Michael in front of the Bean before he went after these two kids for ruining his picture

Even funnier - the three of us in front of the Bean, only to have this guy sprint right in front of us. I tackled him after this shot.

Michael, Jenna and Isla back at home

Isla and Michael humoring each other

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Crocodile Rock and More

Tiffany ordered some sunglasses for Isla from Old Navy last week. We were very excited to get them because we had been looking for a good pair for her for several weeks. Old Navy was out of the tortoise shell, so Tiffany reluctantly settled on pink.

All we need now are some rhinestones and feathers and Isla would be ready to sit next to a young Elton John at the piano. Tiffany had no idea they would be so big, but we think they may fit her sometime around her 3rd birthday.

Here's mommy and Isla in a pair that fits a little better.

Here's Isla pretending like she's riding on Bosley. They surprisingly like each other a lot. Right up until Isla started pulling his ear.

Isla also has a new activity. We bought her an exer-saucer over the weekend and she absolutely loves it.

Last but not least, it was Isla's grandma's 60th birthday on Monday. Here's a shot of them right before Isla had to call it a night. Isla wished her the best birthday wishes ever.

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

The Many Faces of Isla

It's been a little over a week since our last update. Isla has been very busy trying new foods and her personality is showing more and more every day.

Isla's first trip outside of Illinois was to Wisconsin to an outlet mall. She was very excited to cross the state line, although her Uncle Nick was disappointed that a trip to the Mars Cheese Castle wasn't included.

A big smile!

This obviously isn't Isla. This is Bosley. Sleeping has now turned into his second favorite past time. His first is protecting Isla.

"I am not so sure about these sweet potatoes." As it turns out, she's a big fan. It just took her a little bit to decide if she liked them.

How cute are these sandals?

"Wait a second. What are these things on my feet?"

This was the last picture of them on her feet. She learned how to kick them off shortly after this was taken.

The first bath in the big tub. It's still the little tub, we just had to move to it to the big tub because Isla has started to kick water everywhere.

Isla's hair is coming back in. It looks pretty fuzzy in the tub.

Un-Happy Fourth of July! Here's a not-so-happy Isla sitting on the counter with Adeline, her best friend. Isla had a pretty rough night but always likes to spend time at the Murphy's.

Very excited to eat some avocado for the first time.

"Holy Guacamole, that's not very good!"

"You mean there's still something I haven't tried yet?" Yes Isla, those are potatoes.

"I am not too sure about these either, Mommy."

"It looks like you are adding some apples to make them taste better. Woo hoo! I love apples!"

"I think I like those potatoes after all."