Sunday, September 9, 2012

Hey Chicago, what do you say?

Update #6

A couple Saturdays ago, the Cubs trolley rolled into town. As it's the Cubs trolley, I imagine it usually stays in town, but it stopped by a high school just a few blocks away from us. I took Isla and Gannon down as there were also rumors of a free backpack to the first 50 kids that showed up. Let's be honest, the Cubs have been hard to watch this year. Getting excited about the Cubs trolley could be the highlight of the season.

Isla was eagerly waiting for it to pull up. When it finally did, this is what she saw!

She hopped right in and flashed her smile. And so did I, as you can see by my reflection.

Once all three of us jumped in, we took a couple of photos. Half of the seats were identical to the seats at Wrigley.
Isla: Come here and let me give you a hug. I am so excited!
Gannon: Easy on the squeezin', lady.

Thanks for letting me have my own seat.

"Hey, kid next to me, you believe this? We're on the Cubs trolley and I have my own seat!"

There a couple really cool things in the trolley. This foul pole replica of Jack Brickhouse's famous saying was just one of them.

All of the seats had a current or past player tagged on it, from Fergie Jenkins to Greg Maddux to Isla's favorite, Alfonso Soriano. We're still not sure why Soriano is her favorite, but he has been ever since she was able to talk about the Cubs. There may have been a tear or two shed when she learned that her former second favorite player, Ryan Dempster, was traded 6 weeks ago. She's over it now and was telling anyone near the trolley that would ask her that Soriano is her favorite and Dempster got traded. Everyone thought it was hilarious.

It's not every day you see the Cubs Trolley, Gannon. Let's take a picture, dude.

And why not a photo with the three of us? The people that were there from Athletico and the Cubs loved Isla and Gannon so much that I had to sign a waiver to give them permission to use their photos in promotional material. So be sure to keep on the lookout for that.

Oh, how could I forget! Isla received a sweet Adidas backpack that will fit her in somewhere between 5 and 8 years. Go Cubs Go!

Denver omelet, anyone?

Update #5

Look who stopped by the day after the family gathered for Alison and Adam's wedding?
Uncle Jim and Aunt Mary Jo joined us for breakfast and delightful conversation with Isla and Gannon.
Thank you so much for visiting. It was great to spend the extra time with you!

CEL-E-BRATE Good Times!

Come on! (I had to say it.)

Update #4

August 11 was an absolutely gorgeous day for an absolutely gorgeous wedding. Paul's cousin, Alison married her beau, Adam at the serene home of Alison's parents, George and Dene't. The ceremony took place in the rustic barn and then we enjoyed a delicious brunch outside.


Mr. & Mrs. Harralson, we wish you a lifetime of love and happiness!


Later on in the early evening, Isla and Gannon hosted another celebration – a 5th birthday party for their cousin Cadence!

It wouldn't be a party without Kameron and Keaton.

C is for Cadence and Chocolate Chocolate CAKE!

She received great gifts and had lots of hands to help her open them.

And here is the attempt of 5 adults to get each of their children to:
1) Sit still.
2) Stop touching someone who didn't want to be touched.
3) Smile!
4) and say CHEESE!
This is probably the best one of all that I took (I lost count). Gannon and Persephone are still learning the ropes as far as group photos go.
We hope you enjoyed your party, Cadence, and your big birthday wish comes true!

And then there were 5!

Update #3

Early (early!) on August 10, our good friends, the Murphys welcomed their 3rd child. Was the third time the charm for a boy? No, it was the completion of the trifecta, another beautiful baby girl, Gwendolyn Grace!

She is healthy and thriving at home with her big sisters, Adeline and Estelle. And we couldn't be more happy for all of them. We can't wait to meet you, Gwendolyn!

He's a man, baby!

Update #2

On August 9, Gannon had his one year appointment with Dr. Benuck.

Gannon can't sit still anywhere and the exam table is no different. This paper was destroyed in 10 seconds. Shouldn't even have bothered to fix it again either.

How big do you think I am? Once a giant, always a giant. 
Weighing in at 25 lb., 4 oz and standing 32" tall. 
He is very healthy and right on track with his development, repeating sounds, babbling loudy, waving and trying to pull up to stand. It's safe to say he's ahead of the curve with his eating habits. On most days he eats better (and sometimes more) than Isla.

I'm on to you, "friendly nurse talking in a high-pitched voice to make me smile." Don't even think of coming near me with those shots. 
You know he took 'em like a man though. 

I hear the train a-comin'...

Woot, Woot!! Yes, it's time for the update train!. It took a quick summer tour during August stopping at good times and celebrations along the way. And now, it's back in town and ready to fill you in!

To start, here are some images from the randomness of our days...

The siblings who nap together wake up happy together. Then mommy is happy too. 

It's no secret Isla loves stickers. I often find them stuck to anything and everything around the house. So, I really wasn't that surprised to find this giant "Thank You" sticker from Dominick's stuck to her forehead after she fell asleep for the night. I just don't remember her going to bed with it. Hmm...

Guess who loves pretzel rods? You're right! And he eats them just like his mommy, nibbling the salt off first. 

This curly-haired girl is sporting a twizzle. A what? A twizzle is a braid in Isla-nese. 

(I wish Paul would learn how to do it. My fingers are cramped!)