Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Leaps and Bounds

Happy Leap Day! Thank goodness this year February is giving us an "extra" day, otherwise, how would we officially celebrate Gannon turning 7 months?!

Because this month we are leaping with excitement (rim shot!) over the start of a few milestones...

So, Horsey, let me fill you in on the excitement...
I'm not letting these chins get in my way of scooting around on my belly. It's close to an army crawl, but "crawl" is sort of a foreign word in this house. (Scooting is more these Kapellas babies style, just ask Isla.)

My noises are slowing turning to recognizable syllables. And I really enunciate, like when I say "Da". My tongue just comes out. I can almost say "Da Da" together!

Lay one on me, Horsey. Because I'm all about big, slobbery kisses these days.

Oh, I almost forgot. It must be because the "early" occurrence of this event is unprecedented in Kapellas kiddos in this family...I'm getting my first TOOTH! It's on the bottom and just poking through so there will be plenty of photo ops in the future, Mom.

(As some of you may recall, Isla didn't get her first tooth until just after turning 10 months old. We thought it would never come! So imagine my surprise when I discovered it just yesterday. As if the faucet mouth and unbelievably soaked bibs weren't the first hint!)

Bring it in for a hug, buddy. This is quite a celebration!

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

My Funny Valentines

My funny valentine
Sweet, comic valentine
You make me smile with my heart

Your looks are laughable, unphotographable

Yet you're my favorite work of art

As Isla says, "Happy I love you Day!"

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Can't keep up with ourselves...

so, below are a few posts to get you up to speed!

A double date with Dr. Benuck

Now that the kiddos have both reached another age milestone, it was time for their check-ups. Isla went fully prepared to help with the exam sporting her stethoscope from the doctor kit she got for her birthday. (She is very interested in heart health!)

You're lookin' at 2 very healthy kiddos, post-visit. All those tears sure dried up fast (with surprisingly minimal bribery on our behalf.) The nurse even gave Isla tongue depressors–a perfect addition to the kit! Oh, and too many princess stickers, of course.

Wait to you get a load of these stats! We are growing giant children:

• 40 1/2" tall (90-95th percentile! Hello WNBA!)
• 34 lbs
• Great cholesterol and normal test results after a slightly traumatic blood draw (nothing a grape Tootsie Pop couldn't fix)

• 27" long (above average for height)
• 16 lbs., 11 oz.
• Handled 2 shots like a champ (although a pull off of Isla's sucker wouldn't have hurt)
• He's ready to move on to bigger and better food too: meat, cottage cheese, yogurt and a half rack of ribs (if only he had teeth!)

As parents, it sure was nice to get more than a passing grade at this visit!

Track star

January 29th marked 6 months for Gannon.

We're not sure if he had too much frosting at Isla's party the day before or he was embracing the unseasonably warm winter weather, but Mr. Man decided to mark this milestone and hit the pavement (a.k.a. comfy yellow recliner) in his track suit with his trusty companion.

"The freezer is fully stocked with all kinds of food for me to eat. Let's make a break for it."

"Ha. I can't reach the microwave so those cubes of delicious nutrition do me no good without some help. Where's my big sis when I need her?"

Gannon Kapellas just logged a *blog* entry.
And boy is he beat!

...and she lived happily ever after

A couple of weekends ago, the Princess Party day finally arrived and Isla could hardly wait to celebrate. Or eat all of those cupcakes.

But before the festivities could truly begin, the honorable guests had to make their own party crowns.

Mine needs lots of glitter, Gammo!

As the crowns dried and the guests commenced with feasting, suddenly there was a very loud knock on the Kingdom door...

SURPRISE! Yia Yia is here! Princess wishes do come true.

A Belle cupcake for the Belle of this ball.

As much as she loved singing along with us, Isla could hardly wait to dig in,
and she finished every last bite!

Paul's birthday buddy, Estelle, is an old pro when it comes to cupcake indulgence.

The gift-opening madness began with a highly anticipated present–a doctor kit! Once Isla saw this at Keaton's party, she had to practice medicine too.
It didn't take long to get through the presents with all of these helpers,
but Isla made sure to lead the way in superhero fashion.

Dressed as Princess of the Amazon, Wonder Woman, I mean Isla, made sure her Royal Subjects had a splendid time at Kapellas Kingdom.

A very special thank you to everyone near, far and very far who graced our Princess with their presence and very generous presents! (We still can't believe Yia Yia pulled one over on us and shared in the celebration!)

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Happy Birthday, Poppy!

Happy Birthday to you!
Happy Birthday to you!
"What's a matter with you, Poppy?!"
Happy Birthday to you!

Have a great day! And we hope your birthday wish is to let the groundhog bring us an
early spring!
(This photo of you is so nice, it's now been on the blog twice! We <3 you!)