Sunday, October 13, 2013

A Perfect 10

Another Sunday in October, another marathon in the books. (Paul's 10th Chicago Marathon to be exact.) ZAB put it all out there again and tackled that course in 3:08!

He's really letting all of this marathoning go to his head...

The loyal ZAB-ites were ready to cheer!

And we're so glad Iron Mike could hold the ZAB sign again this year...looking strong 9 weeks post-surgery and loving ZAB's bib number. Just so happens those numbers are his birthday, 1-5-45!

Great job today, pk! You're amazing, inspiring and totally awesome, in ALL that you do. Can't wait to do this all again for the next 10!
We love you!

PS: Congratulations to my cousin, Elliott, for completing his first marathon with a time of 3:42! Promise us you'll be a little more prepared next time and "officially" train? ;)