Saturday, December 31, 2011

Happy New Year!

What a year it's been!
Last year, we promised this would be a year of exciting new adventures for our little Isla, and BOY were we right! We (secretly) already knew she was going to be a big sister, but had no idea this precious little man would make such a dramatic entrance!

Isla has become even more of an amazing little woman, mostly due to such big responsibilities of being a big sister. As usual, she is the life of our parties and was ready to ring in the new year in style!

Following our tradition started last year, here are Isla's Top 10 songs of 2011:
10. Just The Way You Are - Bruno Mars
09. I Gotta Feelin' - The Black Eyed Peas
08. A Million Years - Alexander
07. MoneyGrabber - Fitz & the Tantrums
06. Baba O'Riley - The Who
05. Upside Down - Jack Johnson
04. Forget You (clean version) - Cee Lo Green
03. Pumped Up Kicks - Foster the People
02. Party Rock Anthem - LMFAO
01. Ruby, Don't Take Your Love to Town - Kenny Rogers and Cake

We only wish all of you could see the sweet moves that accompany these songs and hear her interpretation of some of the lyrics. To say she's musically-inclined is an understatement!

Happy 2012 from the Kapellas family!
We hope you've enjoyed keeping up with us this year. Get ready...there's much more to keep up with on the horizon!

Thursday, December 29, 2011

Gannon's "Rider"

Now that Gannon is 5 months old, he's gotten pretty good at working his magic for the camera.

And he's also come up with a list of requests for these mini-shoots:
good lighting, manly clothes and all that hair must be just right.
I put my lovely assistant, Isla (also known as "little mommy" who copies everything I do for Gannon), in charge of hair today.

"I heard there is the finest rice cereal money can buy in my trailer."

Picture perfect.

"This gig is really working. We can't get much cuter, can we?!"

In preparation for his 5-month chair appearance, Gannon decided to make some changes to his diet.
Hmm...this kind of looks like those mashed potatoes I wasn't too fond of the other day.
Ah! It's bananas! Phew...

Every food looks the same so far...but I overheard Daddy mention something about applesauce.
What about all of those colorful veggies in the Peapod order the other day?...

And he is already toning up from workouts with his new dumbbell (see Christmas Eve post).
Look at those guns!

"Seriously, Mommy. It's still the same old bath, even though my tub is now in the big tub.
I know, I know...growing up too fast, blah blah blah..."

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

"The M" is for Michael

We love when Uncle Michael comes to town for a visit! Aunt Jenna (with baby in belly!) made the long trip up from Memphis for Christmas.

"I really like your beard week. How do I get one of those?"

Isla loves reading books with Uncle Michael. She shared one of her new favorites, "The Gingerbread Man Loose in the School".
That Gingerbread Man looks good enough to eat!

We can't wait to meet our new girl cousin!

The best part of wakin' up...

"I was a VERY, VERY good girl!"

Isla couldn't help but repeat those words over and over as she excitedly discovered each present she asked for under the tree.
Little drummer girl

Whoa! Santa was hungry! And thirsty. How does he have time to grab another beer out of the fridge? He sure doesn't get any neater with each passing year.

Even Bosley was excited for Mr. Man's new dinosaurs.

Is that Ambulance #32?

"That kind of looks familiar. I didn't really get a good view of it since I wasn't in it very long."

Beauty and the Belle doll

Not sure which is more fun, the paper or the present?

"I'm going to have to ask Poppy about this chord. I'm working on perfecting my 'Feliz Navidad'."

The Christmas loot!

This has been one heck of a first Christmas!

"Mommy says mashed potatoes are her favorite food."

"I say I'll stick with my hands for now."

Say cheese! Everything and anything got its picture taken this afternoon.

All aboard the Animal Train!

Don't be sad, Gannon. Christmas comes every year! And my favorite present this year is you!

Saturday, December 24, 2011

Here comes Santa Claus...

and there he goes! He arrived in Chicago at 11:26 CST. And the kiddos didn't hear a peep!

Good thing since Santa (Daddy) is hard at work on 2 special gifts.
Testing out Magical Fairy Dora's magic...

and so happy this Spinnin' Sounds Speedway for Gannon requires 1/100th of the effort Isla's kitchen did last year!

Merry Christmas to all and to all a good night!

Santa's Buffet

Isla decided that Santa needed a little more to snack on when he stops in tonight. It has become tradition that he gets a beer at the Kapellas house (a Breckenridge Christmas Ale this year), along with the standard cookies, milk and carrots for the reindeer.

She proudly left him 3 of the star cookies we made last night. And chips. And pretzels. (3 to be exact!) Who knows? Maybe Santa has a "salt" tooth too!

Oh, and don't forget a mini cupcake she took from Gammo's house.
I think all the sugar she had tonight really went to her head!

Santa's Elves were here!

While we were at the Connolly's, little elves snuck in and left special gifts for the kiddos.
Santa is on his way!

Now Bear is wearing long underwear?! No way!
Isla got a funny new book from the Bear in Underwear series.

And Mr. Man got a dumbbell. He's starting his new year's resolution fat be gone!
(it's really just the cutest rattle ever!)

A Connolly Christmas Eve

Gammo and Grampy hosted a wonderful Christmas Eve dinner complete with way to many sugary treats. Isla had enough for her and Gannon for sure!
You totally owe me some M&M's and jelly beans next year, Isla.

And we opened stockings full of fun little presents.

Before we left Isla promised Gammo she would go right to sleep... As of right now, Isla is still unclear of the meaning of promise.

Friday, December 23, 2011

Star light, star bright...

How many cookies can I eat tonight?
Not too many because we made these for Santa! Great job with the sprinkles, Isla!

Zoo Lights!

It doesn't matter when we go to Zoo Lights, we never have good weather. Yes, I know it's December in Chicago, so what should we expect? Blustery wind and rain are not the best light-viewing conditions. And wouldn't you know as I make this post, it's a clear, calm night. Nevertheless, we always have fun!

C'mon Kameron! Let's ditch these grandparents and get to the monkey house quicker!

This little monkey is always happy as can be, no matter what's happening.

Isla: "I'm so happy we got to see the gorillas and chimpanzees! Eek!"
Kameron: "I think you belong in there with them you crazy girl."

After the quickest tour of the zoo we've ever done, we headed to dinner at R J Grunt's. And Isla's excitement reached new levels...
Kameron is so good at humoring Isla and my efforts to take a picture of both of them smiling for me.
Just waitin' on my hotdog...

Thanks again for coming with us Aunt Jaime!

Kameron: "Seriously, she would fit right in with those apes."
Isla (singing): "It's the most wonderful time of the year...with "my kids" at the zoo lights and everyone telling me "Santa's almost here!!..."