Thursday, June 30, 2011

Katching up with the Kapellas'

It's been awhile since we last made a post, so the following 5 updates are some fun things we've done over the past month. Also known as pre-hospital stay scare... more on that to follow.

Happy Father's Day!

It's that time of year again... to celebrate Daddy and eat some ribs!

Father's Day Eve is our traditional dinner at Fat Willy's Rib Shack - another room in Paul's heaven!

"Hey, why do you have more than me?"

We love us some ribs!

And I love you so much, Daddy!

It doesn't take much to make Paul happy (a full belly certainly helps), but we sure would do anything for him. He makes us smile and laugh all the time and showers us with love in every way he can. Paul is a great man, husband and father - and he's all ours!!

Road Trip!

What's round on the ends and high (on friendship and fun) in the middle? OHIO!!

Ok, cheesy, I know. The Murphy's hosted the Kapelli for a great weekend getaway a few weeks ago. We were so excited to see their new home, but even more so for all of us to catch up and have the little girlies get in some much needed playtime!

With a playroom full of fun toys and crafts, a big backyard and a park nearby, Isla, Adeline and Estelle made the most of their time together. We even attended a church festival where Isla rode on her first two big girl rides - a giant slide and a merry-go-round.

Whee! Here we go!

Isla was absolutely terrified of the merry-go-round, even though she said she was excited to go on it.
Adeline is an old pro.
Once it started moving, the tears turned to smiles and of course when it was done, Isla wanted to go again.

We can't thank the Murphy's enough for their hospitality. Their new home is a perfect fit for them and it looks like they're meant to be there. We miss them dearly and wish they still lived only 2 miles from us. But, I think this picture sums it all up–true friendship remains no matter how far the distance between us!

Ooh the Zoo!

We took our annual summer trip to the Lincoln Park Zoo in early June. The weather was perfect and Isla and the boys got to see so many animals, even though they kept requesting to see the Crocodiles. Umm, I think they were on vacation that day, or visiting (living at) the Aquarium...

But the highlight of the day, was the train ride. Kameron is a seasoned veteran when it comes to trains, so he was happy to show Isla how fun they are!

Another great trip!

Even Gammo & Grampy thought so too!

A Loyal Little Fan

When we chose this late May date for a family Cubs game outing, we were certainly not expecting a 40ยบ day! But, we braved the elements and took Isla to her 2nd Cubs game.
Fortunately, we were covered and bundled and the threat of rain had passed. The wind was not very friendly to the Confines, however!

Have you ever heard of the 5th inning nap?

We made it through the 6th inning and decided to see the rest at home, where Isla continued to perfect singing "Go, Cubs, Go!," her favorite song, and some dance moves (see video above)! Isla is now 2-0 in games she's attended. I think the Cubs need her there more often!


Little Woman's hair is long enough and certainly cute enough!