Monday, December 31, 2012

Rocky Mountain High and Low

The good part of Sunday was a special visit from Uncle Jim and Aunt Mary Jo. We had brunch, used magic wands to make Uncle Jim act crazy (didn't require too much magic) and played several rousing games of triple H (that's right, Hungry Hungry Hippos).

The bad part of Sunday was, you guessed it, Da Bears. Their win over the Lions didn't really matter as it turns out. But Gannon is quickly learning the heartache that comes with being a fan of Chicago sports. Maybe next year?

Let it snow!

Day 3 of the lake-effect snow can only mean one thing, at least to Isla...
catching snowflakes on her tongue! But when you're sick, you can only run outside in your pajamas with Daddy for one minute.

I eat everything and snowflakes are not excluded!

Southern Comfort, Part 2

The day after Christmas, we had lots of fun with the first Kapellas settlers of Memphis, Uncle Michael, Aunt Jenna, Cadence and Persephone.

Even. More. Trucks! Complete with lights and sirens.

 "What did you get, Cadence? Wait, what did I get??"

Ready for Spring Training!

 A little man could really get used to this non-stop present opening.

Someday you'll be able to open your own presents, Persephone. The big girls can't help themselves when they see wrapping paper!

Thank you for visiting us, Memphis fam. We love having a little bit of the South up here!

A Kapellas Family Khristmas

If you're a man in the Kapellas family, you have to wear black-rimmed glasses. Right, Daddy, Uncle Michael and Uncle Nick?
 Another day, another dump truck!

And let's add another princess to the mix while we're at it! Glowing Cinderella will fit right in.

Welcome to the jungle. He's got fun and games.

Time for Dad to get reacquainted with an Old (Forester) friend. 

Tea for two and Gammo too!

CinderIsla is going to have a lot of princess hauling to do with that carriage.

I "saw" daddy building this instead of Santa Claus the other night. Ha!

The best presents usually don't fit under the tree...

 just ask Gammo and Grampy,

and YiaYia and Poppy!

Dugan can always make his Poppy laugh.

And who knew grandmas were so good at indoor basketball?!

My most favorite Kapellas Khristmas to date. I always hoped one day that all of the grandparents would join us to celebrate this fun family day. I guess this was my other wish that came true!

The Fat Man Delivers

Here they come, ready to see how "nice" Santa thought they were this year.

Let's see if Santa liked the star cookies...
Looks as though he had plenty of time to enjoy the snacks and beer.
Gannnon: "Aha! Missed a bite, Sant!"

"I can't believe he didn't save me a swig of beer!"

Time to get down to business. Let the present opening begin!

Ahoy, me very own chest of treasures! I wonder where this map will lead...

Isla, I can build the pirate ship with my new workbench!

Hungry, hungry hippos!! It only took me about a month to figure out why Isla kept doing this with her fingers and teeth and then why Gannon learned to imitate her. She's so happy we finally own this game!

Gannon Kapellas, Architect.

9 pretty princesses.

"Mom, do you believe I got the 7-pack? And a bonus Jasmine? And Flynn Rider?

Best Christmas ever!

Christmas wishes do come true...all I wanted was a white one!

Tuesday, December 25, 2012

His kind of town...

Chicago is! He's here!
12:42 am CST

And he delivered the goods! Can't wait for the morning!

Monday, December 24, 2012

The Fat Man Cometh

When we returned home from Gammo and Grampy's house, the kiddos found a surprise waiting for them...

Isla: "The elves were here. I knew they'd come."
Gannon: "Jesse, what's under your butt?"

The "elves" always leave the kiddos a little something the night before to let them know Santa is on his way. As if Isla hasn't had enough warnings (aka disciplinary action) over the past few weeks. 

"See, Santa, we really are good and sweet and loving and very present-deserving children."

We laid out Santa's spread, complete with the star cookies Isla baked this morning, carrots for the reindeer, milk, a few honey wheat pretzel twists (carbo-loading), and two holiday ales. Santa always seems to need more than one beer when he stops here. But since all of the present construction is finished early, I wonder if he'll need it?

Gannon's never been one to shy away from a plate of food, and as you'll see below, Santa's snack plate is no different.
 "Mmm, honey deliciousness..."

"Mom, he's eating more!"
"What the *&%# is that?"

"Let me try that again."

Isla is trying so hard not take one of the cookies off of the plate. Gannon is sticking with the honey pretzels.

And now she's bored, playing with her twizzle (braid). Apparently Gannon and his belly are quite satisfied.

I: "Please can I have a cookie. I'm smiling so pretty for you, Mom."
G: "Santa can't possibly finish this plate by himself!"

We're ready for you, Santa! 
"Ooh, just one more bite, I promise!"

Good EVEning

Twas' the night before Christmas, and all through Gammo and Grampy's house, this creature was relaxing,
but certainly not being a quiet little mouse. 
"Come on, SANT!", as Gannon refers to him.
One of my favorite presents.

Princess-related gifts = pure happiness

 Bringing new meaning to stocking cap.

The children were nestled all snug in our laps. 

Happy Christmas to all, and to all a good night!