Monday, April 30, 2012

Baby and Pony Show

"Greetings, Ladies and Gents! Thanks for coming out tonight. Ya' know, I've been at this for 9 months now, and I just gotta say what a pleasure it is to see all those familiar faces out there in Blogville!"

"You remember my trusty sidekick, Longshot. Love this guy!"

"Ok, Longshot, that's enough camera time for you."

"So, I'm still up to my old tricks and I've added clapping to my talents. And these cheeks still make the ladies weak in the knees."

"Speaking of cheeks and I crawling? Ha, that's for the birds. I'm becoming a booty-scootin' baby just like my bis sis was. These hooves are like propellers." 

"Longshot! Stop gunning for a spin-off show!"

"Well, Dad's giving me the "wrap" cues, so until next month...thank you and good night. Please, tip your waiters!"

And here's the star of the show at his 9 month doctor appointment this morning. All 29 1/2" and 21 lb 10 oz of him!! Mr. Man indeed!

Saturday, April 28, 2012

Boston Baked Beans

Who knew we'd get a little taste of east coast summer in mid-April? Here is a recap of our hot and happy trip to Boston...

And away we go!

Goodbye Chicago... and welcome to Boston! 
It was the most turbulence-packed, sharp-turning approach to an airport that we've ever experienced. I now understand why they still put barf bags in the seat pocket, but luckily I didn't have to see the inside of one.

Flying with 2 children is kind of like running a marathon. Well, how would I know that for sure? It's not the first time we've done it and certainly won't be the last (flying and marathons)!

"Taxi cabbages and tunnels are so fun!" Yes, you read that correctly. That's what Isla calls them. And now we do too.

Our "home away from home" was the Ames Hotel. So chic and modern with beautiful architecture and stonework, inside and out. Perfect for small children. ;)

Time to head out and see what's changed in the 2 years since we were last here. 
We meet again, Mr. Adams. 
Isla has become very intrigued with statues as of late. Fortunately, Sam stands right around the corner from our hotel. We frequented this area a lot.

What an amazing view out into the Boston Harbor. So many sailboats. It was just as one would picture this seafaring city to be.

Ahoy, matey!

Why take a car when you can go by boat.

Reminiscent of the Chicago shoreline, but so much more authentic and cool. Can you tell how much I love this place!

On Saturday, we headed into the madness known as the Marathon Expo to pick up the coveted treasure–an official 2012 Boston Athletic Association Marathon jacket.
Lookin' good, bearded wonder.

Then it was time for the kiddos to have some fun at the Boston Children's Museum.

She shoots and scores! This place was packed with activities: bubble-making stations, science experiments, playlands and the best part, the power station. We couldn't get Isla out of here!
Climbing walls, bouncing balls and of course, 
 a giant illuminated dance floor! Dancing queen!

 We sure worked up an appetite, so we headed to the North End for our first Italian feast of the trip.
Great neighborhood with neat buildings.

This little flirt was a big hit with the servers. They couldn't resist his chubby cheeks!

She loves her daddy and his "beard week." As the saying goes, "hair today, gone tomorrow."
For real.

After dinner, we walked by the craziest farmer's market we've ever seen. It could've been because it was the end of the day and everything must go, but people and vendors were shouting and grabbing like mad. Fruit and fish were everywhere! Such a difference from our calm little one back at home.

Next stop, Fenway Paahhk! It's Sunday and a great day for a baseball game! 
"I'm really going to see the Red Sox and riding on the T?"

Hey, Wally!

The so called "C-IT-GO" sign as homers fly over the left field wall and the 25 mile mark in the marathon.

The biggest Red Sox fans that live in Chicago. 

"I can't believe my first baseball game is at Fenway just like yours was, Isla!"

Two of Paul's favorite things: me and baseball. 

What a view!

Our little green monster!

Time to reapply that sun block! Today was the day these baked beans were really starting to cook!

Baseball games are quickly becoming this family's favorite pastime. A special thank you to Steve and Gina Berrones for getting these tickets and sharing in the fun with us!

Ready for another Italian feast? We better carbo-load for the big day tomorrow!
Again, always the charmer!

"Daddy, I just can't eat another bite!"

Carbs? Check. Running gear? Check. Mustache? Check? You better believe it.
The transformation into SuperZAB has begun...

Good morning! It's Marathon Monday and the mini-SuperZABs are ready to go! It sure is gonna be a hot one...refried beans anyone?

Oh and Happy Patriot's Day! We got to see this little parade from our hotel window before we headed out to see Daddy.

The best cheerleader I know!

But this little cheerleader couldn't wait any longer for Daddy's arrival.

It's SuperZAB! He almost flew right past us.

Luckily his nipples guided him in our direction.

What a moment!! 
I lost count of how many times I told Isla that Daddy would be running by soon, as the blazing sun started to take over our shady viewing spot. She anxiously screamed Go, Daddy, GO!... and then I could hardly contain myself watching the pure joy on her face as she saw her SuperDaddy run to her. Priceless. 

And off he went to put this one in the books!

Congrats SuperZAB! With each marathon, I'm more proud of you and admire what an inspiring, strong man you are. Even though this crazy heat denied you of your sub-3 goal, you still put your schweddy balls on the table and did an amazing job!

Picture Perfect. (Even with the 'stache.)

Let's celebrate! 

Oh, how we love the soft face! 

"Isn't it time for my 'bottle'?"

"Now I know what that statue guy is so cool."

Speaking of that statue, here we are again. Isla and Sam are tight.

Among the many similarities to her Daddy, Isla is fond of maps. She sure knows her way around Boston and her favorite train, the Green Line.

It's our last day in Beantown. But there's still time to soak up more of this fine city! 

If only I could spell "Stop & Shop" the way the East-coasters say it. Awesome.

T & the T, posing in the same spot we did 2 years ago! 

TMI = T, Mommy and Isla  :)

Precious metal.

Finishing up this trip strong.

Isla: "They just can't put this camera down."
Gannon: "Zzzzzz."
Mommy and Daddy: "Cheeeeese!"
Isla (5 minutes later): "Zzzzzz."
Gannon (5 minutes later): "Whah! Feed me!"
Mommy and Daddy: "No rest for the wicked." 

So long, Boston! You're our Second City and we can't wait to come back. Next time, we'll take a little less heat with a side of great running weather. And hold the baked beans.