Thursday, August 27, 2009

The Blessing!

As many of you know, Isla's Blessing (Baptism) was over the weekend. It was such a wonderful day and amazing event. We have a ton of pictures both from our own camera and from Mike (Tiffany's dad) and Alicia. I think there's a saying that goes something like "You can't pick your family." If I had the choice, I'd probably choose 98% of mine. There are so many interesting characters. And even the ones you don't really have a solid bond with are good for at least a laugh. So thanks to all of our friends and family that came to celebrate Isla and George this weekend. It was great to see all of you.

I normally don't get too deep into commentary on this blog, but I did want to share a few more thoughts from the weekend. On Sunday night, one of my uncles approached me when we were at Yiayia's house after the Blessing.

He said to me, "Paul, I want to tell you something. I watched you with Isla today and I can not believe how much you have changed (since you became a dad). It's like night and day. You have really become a great father. It's great to see you interact with her and sing songs to her and just be a great dad. Keep on doing that stuff. I really want you to know you are doing a great job."

Initially I was a little taken aback, because the part I immediately focused on the part about me changing. Was I a jerk before? The more I thought about it, I decided to pay attention to everything else he said. I still don't really understand the other part. Maybe I would typically have a beer in my hand and be busting someone's chops when this uncle was around in the past. Not sure. Anyway, back to the other stuff.

It made me feel really good to hear those things. I take being a father very seriously. Not that I can't have a good time being a dad. The way I see it, along with being the best husband I can be, it's the most important job I'll ever have. I'll do everything I can to be the best father I can be to Isla and her siblings - whenever they come.

My friend Justin and I were having a conversation the other day about having kids. He and Alicia have Adeline (who's nearly 2 years old) and a second child due in early November. We were talking about that moment or moments that your kid(s) give you every day that just fills your heart with joy that makes being a parent totally and completely worth it.

Seeing Isla's smile when she wakes up is enough to make my day. Many of my relatives were commenting on this video and that if they're having a bad day, they'll put it on and it turns their day around.

I have had the pleasure of being a father for just over 7 months now and I feel extremely lucky to have a healthy, happy, wonderful baby girl. There's nothing like watching her smile light up a room.

Here's Isla and Yiayia on Saturday.

Isla, Yiayia and Papa C. This was the first time Isla got to meet her Papa C. They hit it off immediately.

One more of Yiayia and Isla

Here's half of the featured attraction on the morning of the Blessing.

Family Photo #1

Family Photo #2

And #3

And #4

Reverend Mary Jo, Aretese, George, Isla, Tiffany and me during the ceremony

Isla with her Godfather, Uncle Nick

Isla giving her Godfather a kiss.

Again with her Uncle Nick with her Godmother Aunt Jaime and parents smiling at them

Isla reaching into the water

Alison reading to George and Aretese

Dene't, Aretese, Georgie, Alison and George

A small sampling of our friends that came out for the celebration

Isla and her grandparents

Here are some awesome shots of Adeline and Kameron playing together

Isla with Yiayia and Papa C

Isla getting a hug from her cousin Tessa

A very happy Isla with her Godmother Aunt Jaime

Isla with her cousin (my God daughter) Tessa and me

Me and my big girl

Here are my aunt, uncles, Yiayia and mom.
1st Row (L to R) Barb, Gail, Lainie
2nd Row (L to R) Pete, George, Yiayia, John, Jim

Closing out Sunday night

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Millions of Peaches, Peaches for Me

It's been 10 days since the last post. Here's what's happening:

Before we get to the peaches, you should know that Isla is now in her high chair!

"Peaches are yummy!"

Hmmm...Cheerios...not so much.

First time with the sippy cup.

Happy baby, part 1

Happy baby, part 2

Isla and Bosley discussing what book to read before bed.

Isla likes to stand up now (with a little help from her daddy).

Isla with her dad and her Uncle Nick before they went to the Cubs game on Tuesday night. The Cubs are terrible right now. Isla has been in a bad mood since the losing streak started five games ago.

Uncle Nick with his niece

Nap time!

Our little girl is sitting up. It's only for a couple seconds right now, but we're not too far from having real trouble on our hands.

Monday, August 3, 2009

The Numbers Are In

Here are the latest measurements:
  • 14 pounds, 15 ounces
  • 26.5 inches
Dr. Benuck is very pleased with Isla and has given us the green light to start giving her some new and exciting things to eat like chicken and beef. She can also start drinking out of a sippy cup. It's crazy to think our little baby will be eating chicken and drinking juice here within the next week.

Here are some recent pictures:

Before the first bite of bananas. Very focused.

Cannonball coming!

Too cool for school in her carseat.

This one was taken after the video that we posted on Saturday.

Saturday, August 1, 2009

Who Would Have Thought Bosley Was So Funny?

Most of you have seen the previous two videos where Isla has laughed. Those belly laughs haven't really been seen since. They'll pop up for 10-15 seconds here or there, but there are no sure fire ways to get them to come out.

There is some good news- there's now another one to add to the collection. It was late this morning, not too long before Isla was supposed to go down for a nap. She was playing in her exer-saucer and suddenly let out a few noises. The noises then led to a few little laughs. Next thing we knew we were witnessing her laugh pretty hard. We looked over and she was watching Bosley. He was just sitting on his rug, chewing on his new bone. He turned 7 on Monday, so he was very excited about his new bone. Take a look: