Sunday, April 24, 2011

A HAPPY Happy Easter!

It looks like the bunny came and delivered the goods as promised! He's just in such a hurry when he nibbles those carrots!

Isla could hardly wait to get to her basket in the morning. Putting on both pair of sunglasses had to be done first!

Mmm, candy. That's what I'm talkin' about.

I gotta take my shades off for a better look at this book!

What could this be? I know it's going to be special...


The perfect partner for my tambourine! I'm a one-little-woman band!

Thank you Easter Bunny! I think giving up my suses was well worth it! At least it has been for the first few hours of the day.

Saturday, April 23, 2011

A sad Easter Eve

We've been preparing Isla for a few months for this night. The first night she has to go to bed without her suses (pronounced soos-is, aka pacifiers).

The deal with the Easter Bunny is that she will give him her suses because she is a big girl now and there are little babies in the world that need them more. In return he will bring her a very special present and an easter basket full of goodies!

So, we got ready for bed, left out some carrots, grapes and milk for her good friend (Mr. E. Bunny) and placed her 3 suses in her basket.

This is what happened next.

And that sad, crying big girl laid in her bed crying for an hour. Mommy only cried for a few minutes. Then the big girl started talking and asking for Daddy. And finally at 10:45 when we last went in to get her to lay down, she got really excited about the bunny (no mention of suses) and fell asleep-we think!

To be continued...

Friday, April 22, 2011

More than 34 reasons to celebrate

Yesterday was my birthday and what a great day it was! It was so nice to celebrate with my little family and my parents. Isla lead the singing of "Happy Birthday" and even helped me blow out the candles for a big wish. They only get better the older you get (birthdays and wishes)!

Mmm, cake! Loves it just like her mommy!

It might seem odd for me to be making my own blog post about it, but I have to share how very fortunate I am to have such a great husband, amazing daughter and a healthy little one on the way. And thank you to all who called and sent birthday messages; it means so much!

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Nice to meet you, Easter Bunny!

On Sunday, we took Isla to see one of her old friends, Mr. E. Bunny. She was very excited to get dressed up and go, but that all changed as she approached his festive bunny bench.

To make a long story short and a small admission to questionable parenting (bribery and presents) Isla took a fantastic picture with the Bunny (see right). You would never guess that this took 4 attempts, full of tears and lots of "I don't want to!!"

She even took off her sunglasses, shook his hand and proudly declared "He's my buddy!" after it was all over!

Happy Birthday, Kameron!

On April 16th, our little Buddy turned 3! He celebrated with a fun Thomas the Train party and of course, his favorite cousin, Isla. She just had to help with all of those presents.
A cool SpiderMan helmet to go with my even more cool bike! I'm such a big boy now!

Isla: "Wait, am I having another birthday?"
Kameron: "Sing louder and hurry it up. This cupcake can't wait to get in my mouth!"
Keaton: "Mom, can I get one of those, please?"

The sign of a great party...

We love you, Buddy!

Silly girl!

Ok, Isla. We know it's not 86ยบ anymore, but I don't think we need to go that far.

Swings and slides!

A couple of weeks ago, Spring turned to Summer for a day (upper 80's) and we headed out for a fun afternoon at the park. The swings! The slides! What more could a girl ask for?