Sunday, January 12, 2014

Shark Attack!

Don't go in the water (or near that cake)...there's a birthday shark lurking!

Happy 4th Birthday, Keaton!


This cake will be my first victim.

Birthday (month) buddies


This shark's got the gills to pay the bills. (And blow out that candle.) 

Alright cake...say hello to my fork and then my belly.

"Luke...I'm your Uncle."


A smiling shark is a happy shark! We had a great time!

Sunday, January 5, 2014

There's snow place like home.

And that's exactly where we'll stay! Why go anywhere else when there's a winter wonderland right outside the door?

Before the deep freeze comes later today, the kiddos had to get out and play. Gannon wanted to eat the snow for lunch. Isla told him "the snow tastes good because I caught some flakes on my tongue yesterday." Little Mommy knows best.

So pretty and peaceful.

Best snow angel maker this side of the lake!


"Here I am, buddy, buried in bliss!"

"Hold on...stop the snow machine! Isn't today special for another reason?"

Why, yes it is. It's Grampy's birthday! Woot!

We ordered the gift of snow for him, but somebody must have misread the order and sent way too much! So we'll have to celebrate another day in person. Until then, we had a lovely video chat and got to see Grampy in all his birthday glory!

Happy, happy birthday dear Dad/Iron Mike/Grampy! We love you for more than 69 reasons!