Friday, January 30, 2009

Toots McGhee

Isla had her first doctor's appointment today. Her skin is a little orange, but the doctor said everything looks good besides that she isn't pooping quite enough just yet...which is amazing considering she has as much or more gas than me. And that's saying something. At this point, it's safe to to say Isla also had my fingers and toes. Her toes, much like mine, resemble fingers. I refer to my toes as finger-toes. I think there was a good shot of them a few days ago. Or maybe it was yesterday. The days are kind of running together at this point. But things have gotten better since the first night home, so we're heading in the right direction.

Tiffany is also recovering well. I have learned a few thing in the past five days. My hat goes off to all of you who have had kids. Especially women like my mom, who had five boys and Ruby Johnson, who has her fifth on the way. I am not sure how you did it/do it, but you deserve quite a bit of credit.

There was one very irritating part of our day. I pulled in the alley to bring Isla upstairs and I came back down to our car to see a ticket being written for me blocking an alley. I was upstairs all of 15 seconds. I told this a-hole that I just brought my 5 day old child home from the doctor and he really didn't care. He said he didn't know the circumstances but I was blocking alley and the ticket was already written. What a line of B.S. I asked him what I should have done instead and he said I can't block alleys. I nearly punched him in the face, but figured assault of a police officer wouldn't be the best move at this point. So, I am into the Chicago Department of Revenue for $150. Do you believe that? If anyone has connections to the CPD, please let me know. I plan on fighting this somehow, but have a feeling it will be kind of a waste of time.

On that note, enjoy some pictures.

First (sponge) bath - not very enjoyable for Isla

Isla sleeping on my chest, Bosley sleeping on my hip

First attempt with the pacifier. She seems to like to hold it in her mouth.

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