Friday, March 19, 2010

Road Trip!

Last weekend, we took our first family trip. The highlight of the trip was the Tom King Classic, a half marathon in Nashville. We headed down to Jackson, Tennessee on Thursday morning. Jackson is home to the Lane College Dragons and Professor Michael Kapellas. It's 524 miles from Chicago. Here's the story of our trip in pictures.

Beautiful day for a drive.

We departed Chicago right at naptime. Good move, right?

Tennessee or the Show Me State? Tough call.

Isla says, "Tennessee it is!"

Oh no! About an hour and a half to go and it's time for a major meltdown!

Great shot of the Mighty Miss that Tiffany took on the way there.

We made it!

"Thanks for getting me out of that damn car seat, Mommy."

"Yay, Uncle Michael!"

LP Field, home of the Tennessee Titans and the start and finish of the Tom King Classic.

(l to r) Paul, Isla and Michael with the field behind us.

A rainbow sighting as we left downtown Nashville. Never did fine me pot'o'gold.

Michael and me before the race.

Tiffany and Isla while the race was going on.

I see Tiffany and Isla with a about 30 yards to go in the half marathon. It's blurry because I am running so fast. Funny. Final time: 1:26:56

Michael after his triumphant debut of 1:43:08

Isla, Michael and me

Lou patiently waiting for any crumbs.

Uncle Michael reading to Isla before bed on our last night in the Volunteer state.

Isla slept for the first 3 hours and 40 minutes of the trip home!

Here's the sleeping beauty near of the end of her record nap.

And a happy 13 month old as we finally made it home.

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