Monday, November 28, 2011

Strollin' at the Shedd

A rainy Saturday makes for a perfect day to take Gannon and Isla to the Aquarium.
And it's a great way to test out the new double stroller.
Gannon: "Wow, what is this place?"
Isla: "Oh, wait 'til I show you!"

And off we were to all of her favorite things to see and do at the aquarium:
The jellyfish,

the penguins,

the belugas (just in time for a feeding),

and she even braved the shark tank in the Wild Reef because she decided Gannon REALLY likes sharks. Hmm...

Navigating the submarine is a must,
as well as a stop at the gift shop.
We did not come home with 3 giant belugas.

"Don't you just love it here, brother?" He must, because he was a great baby all day!

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