Saturday, August 4, 2012

Happy 1st Birthday, Gannon!

There was another emergency last emergency PARTY for Mr. Man! Our friends and family came from near and far to celebrate Gannon's special day. And he didn't disappoint this crowd with his cupcake-eating exhibition.

"Come here, you big birthday boy! Are you ready for some cake?"

The ambulance plate (courtesy of the Murphys) raced to the scene with the birthday cupcake in good condition. 

The ambulance plate headed straight to the ER (Eating Room) where an anxious Dr. Kapellas awaited its arrival.

"Hmm, let's take a taste giant bite to assess the situation." 

The operation is underway...

Things aren't looking very good for the cupcake.

But, they sure look (and taste) great for the birthday boy!

It think it's safe to say this cupcake didn't make it.

Isla: "I can't watch him take another bite...may I please have some ice cream now?"

Mr. Man was just too busy to smile with us for this one.

A happy birthday boy, indeed.
You'd think he'd have more cake on his face or in his hair, but Gannon's belly was a perfect catch-all.

What skilled man hands you have! 

"I should've wished for more cupcakes!"

Gannon is so thankful to everyone who shared in his special day and showered him with love (and cool presents). What a way to celebrate a great first year!   

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