Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Butterfly Birthday Bliss

On Friday, January 25th, our not-so-little-anymore-peanut Isla turned 4! (whoa, where did the time go?!) And, in taking a page from her Auntie Alicia's book on how to truly celebrate a birthday, Isla enjoyed 3 days-worth of parties, fun and lots of cake!

"My School Birthday"

On Thursday before her birthday, Isla was treated like a queen for a day, wearing a Cinderella crown handmade by Miss Heidi and reigning over her classmates in the special birthday throne during circle time.
Snack time cupcakes with Roseanna, best boy buddy Asa and best girl buddy Giada.

 Birthday girl line leader as they head to the bike gym.

 Hang on, Asa! 

So happy to be head of the class!

"My Real Birthday"

Good morning, Sunshine! It's time to start your real birthday! Too bad we woke up to the car not we had a little delay in the activities for the day.
Good thing we had a video chat scheduled with YiaYia! And some presents to open too! Becoming a butterfly (in preparation for the next day's party) quickly erased the morning lull. 

For her special birthday dinner, Isla picked her latest favorite place, FIVE GUYS! What could be better than burgers, fries and...
ketchup, of course!! Lots and lots of ketchup, right Gannon?!

 She was so very tiny the first time I held her, and now she's on pace to be taller than me!

Look what was hiding in those pretty pink packages!
Make a big wish! (But please, not for any more princesses! Ha!)

"My Real Butterfly Birthday"

 Welcome to Isla's Butterfly Sanctuary! It's party time!

Isla and I filled the house with the most colorful, fluffy handmade tissue paper butterflies we could make.

Transformation complete! Birthday Butterfly is ready!

This butterfly looks good enough to eat! 
Paul found this cake idea online. It looked easy enough to recreate: three simple cuts into stacked round cakes, flip the sides around, angle the pieces and there you have it. Looks can be deceiving. Just imagine two (tired) non-bakers trying to apply the "crumb coat" as those in the industry say. It was very late at night and it didn't go so first. After a few tense moments between us and toothpicks in our eyelids, we did it!!

Back-up butterfly cupcakes (just in case!)

You can't come to a butterfly sanctuary without receiving the proper tools: nets, magnifying glasses, finger puppet bugs, and a butterfly ring. Yes, a ring. Even though this is Isla's girly-girl butterfly party, where 70% of the children attending are boys. ;)

Playtime madness!

 What a surprise from Isla's birthday buddy Blake!

 The best-looking butterflies in the sanctuary!
Who's ready for cake?!

Wake up, Kameron! It's time to sing!

She could hardly contain her excitement as everyone serenaded her!

"George, you gotta some of this cake! It's a masterpiece!" 

(thinking) Wonder if I can get some ketchup for this?

 I think at this point in the party she official became a butterfly.

 Another great photo to show the future "Mr. and Mrs. Wills" on their wedding day.

Liam: "Mr. & Mrs.??"
Isla: "Arranged marriages are trending again!" Ha!

So very happy, rain or shine.

Well, lookie here! An empty cake platter is a happy cake platter. Paul and I still can't believe how many people chose to eat the cake over the cupcakes. Hard work really does pay off.  

A big thank you to everyone who made Isla's butterfly birthday so special and fun! We love you all!

(Lion) King and Queen

You didn't think I'd forget this part of the birthday celebration, did you? Count on it every year, no matter how old she is.
Good ole reliable Lion. 

So much easier to get you to smile and pose now than in the first year of month-to-month shots. 

Happy, happy birthday, dear Isla. You can't possibly know how much we adore you. You're an amazing, hilarious, and sweet little woman. What a beautiful butterfly you've become. :)

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