Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Crocodile Rock and More

Tiffany ordered some sunglasses for Isla from Old Navy last week. We were very excited to get them because we had been looking for a good pair for her for several weeks. Old Navy was out of the tortoise shell, so Tiffany reluctantly settled on pink.

All we need now are some rhinestones and feathers and Isla would be ready to sit next to a young Elton John at the piano. Tiffany had no idea they would be so big, but we think they may fit her sometime around her 3rd birthday.

Here's mommy and Isla in a pair that fits a little better.

Here's Isla pretending like she's riding on Bosley. They surprisingly like each other a lot. Right up until Isla started pulling his ear.

Isla also has a new activity. We bought her an exer-saucer over the weekend and she absolutely loves it.

Last but not least, it was Isla's grandma's 60th birthday on Monday. Here's a shot of them right before Isla had to call it a night. Isla wished her the best birthday wishes ever.

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