Tuesday, July 7, 2009

The Many Faces of Isla

It's been a little over a week since our last update. Isla has been very busy trying new foods and her personality is showing more and more every day.

Isla's first trip outside of Illinois was to Wisconsin to an outlet mall. She was very excited to cross the state line, although her Uncle Nick was disappointed that a trip to the Mars Cheese Castle wasn't included.

A big smile!

This obviously isn't Isla. This is Bosley. Sleeping has now turned into his second favorite past time. His first is protecting Isla.

"I am not so sure about these sweet potatoes." As it turns out, she's a big fan. It just took her a little bit to decide if she liked them.

How cute are these sandals?

"Wait a second. What are these things on my feet?"

This was the last picture of them on her feet. She learned how to kick them off shortly after this was taken.

The first bath in the big tub. It's still the little tub, we just had to move to it to the big tub because Isla has started to kick water everywhere.

Isla's hair is coming back in. It looks pretty fuzzy in the tub.

Un-Happy Fourth of July! Here's a not-so-happy Isla sitting on the counter with Adeline, her best friend. Isla had a pretty rough night but always likes to spend time at the Murphy's.

Very excited to eat some avocado for the first time.

"Holy Guacamole, that's not very good!"

"You mean there's still something I haven't tried yet?" Yes Isla, those are potatoes.

"I am not too sure about these either, Mommy."

"It looks like you are adding some apples to make them taste better. Woo hoo! I love apples!"

"I think I like those potatoes after all."

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  1. How precious is this baby girl?