Sunday, September 27, 2009

Happy 35th Anniversary!

This handsome couple is my parents, Mike and Lynn, standing at their wedding reception 35 years ago today. Congratulations!

Unfortunately (or fortunately?), my dad has not maintained this stellar hair style and mustache, but somewhere this suit lives on. And I only wish my mom had all of her cute dresses to share with me. The best part of this picture is the true happiness seen in their eyes and smiles. And if you look at them now, they still have the same smiles and bright eyes, as they proudly dote on their granddaughter, Isla. I guess it's the most fitting gift to celebrate true love and many more years together to come!


  1. Thank You Tiffany. We love you and your beautiful family. Mom and Dad

  2. Happy Anniversary, you sweet little couple. You are still SMASHING and debonair. Love ya! Gail and Jerry