Wednesday, September 16, 2009


It's been about two weeks since the last post. We've been busy. There's one less appendix in our house and we've also completed our fastest half marathon.

Tiffany is getting better every day after recovering from her appendectomy last Friday. It was pretty crazy and happened really fast. Fortunately they caught it early and despite some soreness and being pretty tired, Tiffany is doing well. If you'd like to read about my half-marathon, go here.

The real star of the family has been busy, too. Here's a look into her life over the past two weeks.

Would you like some cottage cheese, Isla? No thanks!

Isla and daddy got to spend some quality time together a couple Saturdays ago. Isla rewarded him with spitting out her food. And she thought is was pretty funny.

This was taken after we got cleaned up.

Isla doesn't have any Purdue clothes yet, so she decided to wear one of mommy's shirts.

Isla can now pick up some snacks on her own.

Isla and Bosley hanging out.

Lastly, Isla just started to fit into this pair of pajamas. It has become our favorite pair. She looks so cute as a giraffe. The best part of this first picture is that this was taken as soon as we tunred on her light. Isla likes to talk in the morning before we go into her room. She's always so happy to see us in the you can tell.

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