Saturday, May 15, 2010

On Ya Mahk..Get set...Go! (to Boston)

We know this post is long overdue, but here goes. Back in mid-April, we took our first real family trip. The place: Boston. The reason: The 114th Boston Marathon. It was a really awesome time and it featured a lot of firsts: Isla's first time on an airplane, first baseball game, first hot dog, first taste of beer and our first Boston Marathon. Here are just a few of the many pictures we were able to take during our trip. We hope you enjoy looking at them as much as we did taking them.

Caution! The moving walkway has an incredible sleepy child on it. Note to self: a 7 AM flight may be a little early with a 15 month old.

Here's the family! For some reason, Isla was not interested in sleeping on the plane.

Hello Boston!

Ah! Set her in the stroller after we get off the plane and it's lights out.

Our home away from home for the 5 days while we were in Beantown. It was a very nice hotel. If you are ever looking for a place to stay in Boston, we give it an enthusiastic three thumbs up.

Here's T by the T.

Welcome to the 2010 Boston Marathon Expo.

Awesome window of a sports store on Boylston. Cool shot from Tiffany.

I haven't taken off the jacket since we left.

On the T headed to the Red Sox-Rays game.

The Citgo sign just outside of Fenway. Please don't be distracted by Nick's bald dome in the lower left corner.

The sign to our seats. Please ignore the "Healthy Selections" sign in the background. We didn't stop at that stand.

Here we are, with the Green Monster providing an excellent backdrop.


Back of the jacket

When in Boston, do as Sam Adams does.

I got a pep talk from Red Auerbach on Sunday before the race...

And saw Bill Rodgers' shoes.

Unfortunately, Sam Malone had the day off.

In the lobby of the Liberty Hotel before dinner on Sunday night.

From left to right:
Gail, Tony Soprano, Jaime, Tiffany, Paul, Isla

Tony wanted to take another picture in front of the escalators.

Race morning (front)

Race morning (back)

Hey! A little Peapod truck.

Isla taking a quick nap before her Daddy runs by.

Ryan Hall!

The Woodland stop. As far as the T will take you out on the course.

Isla and Nick...still waiting.

The 9-time award winning support crew.

Whoa! Here I come.

Man, those arm warmers are awesome!

And there I go.

I love this picture of Tiffany and Isla.

He made it!

Nice post-marathon photo of the family.

Paul and Gail, who's wearing her Snap-on Racing jacket and extra proud smile.

Jaime, Tony and Paul. Very cool of them to come out to Boston for the marathon.

Post-race dinner photo with my friend Amy.

Nice shot of some buildings and the sky on a beautiful Tuesday, the day after the marathon.

Another cool shot, taken pretty close to the finish line.

Yiayia and Isla playing with her matryoshka dolls in the hotel lobby before we have to part ways.

At the airport getting ready for the flight back to Chicago. So long, Boston. We've fallen in love with your fair city.

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