Thursday, December 23, 2010

My Zolar Bear

Yesterday we lost a very special member of our family. Although she didn't get much mention on the blog, she was a very important part of our lives for many years. My Zoe passed away from a short but brave battle with bone cancer. She was the sweetest dog you'd ever meet and the only one I knew that could say her own name!

Zoe found me when I lived in Indianapolis after college. Yes, you read that right. She found me. I was home one afternoon when I heard children running through my front yard, down the street and across the way in the school parking lot. They were chasing after a slender white dog with a bungee cord around the neck. For some reason, I went out front to ask if it was their dog and if they needed help. The little dog came right up to me and rolled over on her back! Noticing she was a girl dog, and was panting, I gave her some water. She continued on down the block with the boys in tow.

I went back inside figuring she'd find her way home. Then I heard the boys again, but didn't see the dog. They said they couldn't find her anymore and continued to play. I felt compelled to find her. I searched the surrounding blocks but came up empty. I headed home thinking I'd done all I could. As I approached my house, I saw something on the front porch. It was a white wagging tail attached to a panting white dog. She found her way home after all.

Zoe was with me ever since. She moved back to Chicago with me and then lived a comfortable life at my parent's home. She had plenty of yard to run and play in and eventually gained new friends like Reagan, Mr. B and Isla. Zoe was sweet and gentle with a bit of a dramatic side, but her rosey nose and big brown eyes could win you over every time.

Thank you Mom and Dad for caring for her and going above and beyond in her final days.

Zoe was a gift that I will treasure always. I love you, my Zo.

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  1. Your Zolar Bear found you for a reason. She knew you would be the best mom ever. Zoe loved you with all her heart and was thankful everyday that she found your front porch. It was our pleasure to watch over her. We love you and Zo...