Thursday, December 23, 2010

Zoo Lights!

On Monday night, we took our annual trip to Zoo Lights with Aunt Jaime, Kameron, Keaton and special guests Craig, Jacquie and Aunt Deb.
The official picture with the Snowman. Could we be any more bundled up?

Enough with the lights and pictures. Let's go see some animals, boys!

This jaguar was on the prowl. Eek!

And this little monkey was happy to see us!
Most of the other monkeys and penguins were sleeping, but a few of the little penguins swam to the glass to greet Kameron and Isla.

Oh, musical Christmas tree!

Kameron: "Isla, stop catching snowflakes on your tongue and look at these ice sculptures!"

Although it was cold with lots of swirling snow, it was a perfect night for Zoo Lights!
See you next year!

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