Sunday, January 22, 2012

A date with Daddy

I had the amazing opportunity to take Isla to her first ever movie. Lucky for me, Beauty and the Beast was released for a limited time - in 3D! We made the trip to the movie theater, grabbed a giant bag of popcorn and got ready for two hours of awesomeness.

She was so excited. And if you aren't going to wear you Beauty and the Beast shirt when you go see Beauty and the Beast, then when are you going to wear it?

After explaining why it was important to wear the special 3D glasses, Isla put 'em on and and couldn't believe it. "They're right in front of me, Daddy!" That was followed up with, "They're live and in person!" Well, not quite as live as the Yo Gabba Gabba show that she and Tiffany went to, but close enough.
Quick Sidenote: Sometimes Isla still refers to the 3D glasses as DVD glasses. Pretty funny.

We made it through about 5 previews, half a giant bag of popcorn and possibly the greatest movie of all time...if you ask Isla anyway. She did great and can't wait to get back and see a movie again. She's already seen the movie several times at home, so there were no real surprises, aside from how loud it was. She was definitely ready for the Beast and the snuffs (wolves to me and you), but it certainly didn't stop her from yelling things out as they were happening. She also knew more of the songs than I did and hearing her sing parts of songs as she was sitting there watching it was something I won't ever forget.

She's still talking about going to see "Dr. Seuss's Lorax" (her words) soon. He's got a mustache after all - just like Poppy. Oh! She also wants to bring Mommy with to that one. Not sure they'll have 3D glasses as cool as these!

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