Saturday, January 14, 2012

Happy Birthday, YiaYia!

Even though YiaYia's big day is in January, she still gets to enjoy great weather out there in Vegas, with a high today of 63º. Since it might reach 28º here, I thought we'd channel some of her warmer weather and look back at YiaYia's visit last summer.

When YiaYia comes to town, there is no time to rest, especially if she's here to meet a new grandchild. In late August, YiaYia met Gannon for the first time. And in between helping with his care throughout the day and night feedings (lucky us!), she baked with Isla, taught her some beautiful ballerina steps and showed Gannon the way around the Zoo.

Here's to you, YiaYia on your special day! We send our best birthday wishes from afar and we promise not to tell how many candles are on your cake! We love you!

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