Thursday, March 22, 2012

My goodness, My Guinness

We finally got over our hangovers from St. Patty's day so I can get back to blogging...kidding, of course. Here are the highlights from our very fun afternoon at the Irish American Heritage center to celebrate being Irish!

I don't think it gets much more Irish than this. And yes, this Greek guy has some Irish blood running through those saganaki-clogged veins.

It's an annual tradition to celebrate St. Patty's Day here (even though we don't always make it here annually and our drinking is curtailed considerably due to the wee ones in all of our lives.)

But we caught up with some old friends and Isla had a blast dancing to Wiggleworms songs with Jonah and his little brother, Graham (below, sitting, bottom left corner).

Gannon felt right at home here, sporting the very same bib his big sister wore 3 years ago when she was a mere 7 weeks old.

"Now that's what I'm talkin' about, Dad. I need to get the full experience!"

"Ahhh! Guinness really does make everything better. Especially teething."

We closed out our celebration with the amazing sounds of the Shannon Rovers Pipe Band. Isla has always loved the bagpipes and was cheering them on the whole time while perched on Paul's shoulders.

The sign of a true Irishman after a long afternoon of celebration.

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