Monday, March 5, 2012

Feel the Beat!

Get on up,
Clap your hands,
When you hear The Fresh Beat Band!

Yesterday was the day Isla had been waiting for since her rock-star birthday bash. Last night, she went to a "live and in person" show starring a few of her musical friends from the Nick Jr. TV show, The Fresh Beat Band.

(Apparently, an obscene amount of children in the Chicagoland area were gifted tickets to this special event judging by the traffic and parking issues we faced to make this show on time. More on that later...)

We made it to our seats, after the required glow-stick purchase, of course,
and Isla was ready to ROCK!
On guitar, Kiki! On keyboard, Shout! On drums, Marina! And the real MC, DJ Twist in the house!
Not only do they sing and play instruments, they're great dancers too. Isla followed along with all their cool moves. Get up and Go GO!

Play it loud, just like a Rock Star!
Time for the F-F-F-F-Freeze Dance!
Good times today, indeed!
I finally got her to control her "Loco Legs" and stop dancing for a picture.
What a great show!

And here she is today...

Been there, done that, and got this super cool T-shirt!

Isla has thanked me over and over for taking her to the show as we have talked about it all day and sang all of the songs (I had them in my head all night anyway). And nothing makes me happier than seeing her so very happy. Well, maybe one thing...

Earlier I mentioned the crazy traffic and parking issues. A normal trip to the Rosemont Theater would take about 18 minutes from our house. Just to be safe and to make sure we had plenty of time for the 5 o'clock start (and to get a glow-stick), we left at 4. After spending over an hour in the car waiting on the exit ramp, the main road, the line to park, the parking lot, we ran to the doors, up some stairs, stopped for the glow-stick and were in our seats at 5:13. Whew. Can you just picture the frenzy of this mom trying to keep her promise of making it on time? And then the show didn't start for another 15 minutes. Thank goodness!

So, my point (and what else makes me very happy) is this: Isla was calm, cool and collected during the whole ordeal. Not once did she complain or ask "are we there yet?" repeatedly. I have been working with her on her patience the past few months and I didn't think we were making any progress until yesterday. Maybe she was just saving it up for that moment? But what better way to make a mommy proud and know that something is getting through other than Fresh Beat Band songs! :)

We had a great day!
It was a super way,
to spend some time together.

We had a great day,
the very best day,
and nothing could be better!

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  1. I am proud of Mommy and daughter. This could not have been a bigger challenge and you both came through it with joy and love. xoxxoooxxx