Saturday, May 26, 2012

The Tooth Gnome

Have you met the Tooth Gnome? I bet you haven't. But if you are a parent, you know he exists. 

He's a distant cousin of the Tooth Fairy, an annoying little relative that brings a tooth to little babies all across the land. When he delivers a tooth, you may not see it right away, but you know it's been dropped off because the tooth package is wrapped in discomfort, loss of appetite, fussiness, crying, excessive drool, and an overwhelming need to gnaw on anything and everything. 

And sometimes if the Tooth Gnome is feeling very generous (translation: cruel) he brings two teeth. On the top. At the same time.

But, on the bright side, once the Tooth Gnome has made his rounds, the resulting new pearly whites make that lucky baby's smile even more cute than ever! And help him get one step closer to actually eating a steak.
So, we didn't skip #3 on the tooth tracker. Gannon was the proud recipient of both top teeth a couple of weeks ago, breaking through with a vengeance. And he can't wait to get his giant man hands on more big boy food!

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