Tuesday, February 10, 2009

6 Pounds, 8 Ounces

Isla packed on some weight since her last doctor's visit. She has put on 2 ounces a day since she last saw Dr. Benuck. He is very happy with her progress. Besides that, all else is good with Isla besides some explosive pooping. And when I say explosive, I mean it. We're talking flying 4 feet in the air before splattering against the door. Insane. I am lucky I was standing on the side of her or else I would have had to change my shirt for work. Apparently, she had done this to Tiffany a few hours earlier. Interesting how we go from pooping once a day to firing poop missiles across the room in the span of a week.

Here are a couple pics over the last few days. She's really changing a lot and her color looks great.

In her swing last night

With the good Captain Randy Van Meter on Friday night

With my cousin Elaine and her fiance Phil on Saturday


  1. Oh Paul, you're finally one of us. You know you're truly a parent when your conversations include poop. The sad part is the rest of us parents are reading this nodding. Suddenly color, consistency, frequency and explosiveness of poop are very real topics. PS - Randy looks good holding Isla :)

  2. I love the pic!! And you can barely tell Isla was crying :) The newest pic at the top is adorable...you can tell shes changed alot! Cant wait to see you guys again, we had a GREAT time...LOVE AND KISSES!!!!