Saturday, February 14, 2009

Time Flies

Isla is now three weeks old! It seems like she grows and changes every day. I just completed my first week back at work. Every night when I come from work, it's always amazing to me that how much bigger she looks. And she's probably not even 7 pounds. Or maybe she is. Her belly is getting bigger and it looks like she has a nice second chin coming in now. Here are a few pictures.

A couple pics of Isla in her swing

Bosley, Isla and me relaxing on the couch

The Murphy's (Justin, Alicia and Adeline) came over last night and brought us dinner. It was excellent. Here is Adeline holding one of Isla's toys. Adeline is getting the hang of her ABCs and really enjoyed playing with Leap. She even said "Isla" last night. It's really awesome to see her grow up.

Alicia with Adeline and Isla

The little peanut in her crib

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