Monday, February 2, 2009

Hot Dogs and Salami

Much to Tiffany's pleasure, we ordered both salami and hot dogs in our Peapod order that came today. She hasn't had either one since we learned she was pregnant back in June. Not sure if we'll have some dogs on the grill for dinner tonight or not, but I figured I'd mention someone else besides Isla for a minute.

I had the pleasure of talking to my great friend Kevin (Whitey) Wills last night. He and his wife Carrie have Liam, a 15 month old little boy. I find some of his behavior hilarious. His mom and dad, not so much. I told him I was able to get out for nice 7 miler yesterday and thought about this blog for a few minutes. I told him I should have just called it "It's Isla's World, We're Just Living in It." He seemed to think I had discovered "it" already - these kids know exactly what they are doing and have us wrapped around their finger the minute they come out of the womb.

Here are some more pics:

Isla's cousins Tessa and Trent (with Uncle Pete and Aunt Angie or "Mimi") came by for a visit on Sunday. Here's Tessa with Isla:

Here's another shot of how big Isla is. Here's my hand on her body.

Earlier today, Isla was in deep thought after her feeding.


  1. Oh yes, Paul. They sure do...a week old or one thousand six hundred and twenty weeks old (give or take a few), your baby will always have you wrapped around her finger. Ask this mom. She knows.

  2. wasn't Judy. She wouldn't have the slightest idea what I was talking about.

  3. That is a bunch of shit. I am in total control and I am not sure why people say that raising children is difficult.