Monday, March 30, 2009

In Like a Lion, Out Like a Tiger?

Crazy weather here today as March comes to a close. We got a few inches of snow overnight and throughout the morning. Eventually, the sun came out and melted a good portion of it.

I know this blog pretty much revolves around Isla and her happenings. We are so lucky to have this beautiful little 9 week old in our lives. But we still get to do some of the things we enjoyed so much before, like spending time with friends and family, going to events or doing whatever we want to do...we just have to plan things a little more carefully and make sure the peanut can be fed when she's hungry. We're really looking forward to warmer weather so we can go to the zoo and do other fun things.

Here's our little peanut:

My original point to this rambling is that I still try get in a fair amount of running. It can be more of a challenge to cram in miles sometimes, but it's something that I really enjoy and something that Tiffany really supports. I am looking forward to having some family runs here once the weather finally turns. I made a post on the other blog about my running of the Shamrock Shuffle today. You can read it here:

Besides that, we were all very disappointed the Tigers couldn't pull out the victory on Saturday. Both Isla and Bosley were questioning Mike Anderson's substitutions in the last 10 minutes. Isla was ready to punch something .

I suppose the bright side is that Isla got a to wear her baby tiger onesie a couple times during their tournament run before she outgrew it.


  1. where did you get that shirt for Isla? gotta get one for Georgi, Papou would love it!

  2. I found it online through Toys R Us. You can just do a search for "university of missouri". The onesie only comes in one size (3-6 months) but there is a bib too.