Tuesday, February 7, 2012

...and she lived happily ever after

A couple of weekends ago, the Princess Party day finally arrived and Isla could hardly wait to celebrate. Or eat all of those cupcakes.

But before the festivities could truly begin, the honorable guests had to make their own party crowns.

Mine needs lots of glitter, Gammo!

As the crowns dried and the guests commenced with feasting, suddenly there was a very loud knock on the Kingdom door...

SURPRISE! Yia Yia is here! Princess wishes do come true.

A Belle cupcake for the Belle of this ball.

As much as she loved singing along with us, Isla could hardly wait to dig in,
and she finished every last bite!

Paul's birthday buddy, Estelle, is an old pro when it comes to cupcake indulgence.

The gift-opening madness began with a highly anticipated present–a doctor kit! Once Isla saw this at Keaton's party, she had to practice medicine too.
It didn't take long to get through the presents with all of these helpers,
but Isla made sure to lead the way in superhero fashion.

Dressed as Princess of the Amazon, Wonder Woman, I mean Isla, made sure her Royal Subjects had a splendid time at Kapellas Kingdom.

A very special thank you to everyone near, far and very far who graced our Princess with their presence and very generous presents! (We still can't believe Yia Yia pulled one over on us and shared in the celebration!)

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