Tuesday, February 7, 2012

A double date with Dr. Benuck

Now that the kiddos have both reached another age milestone, it was time for their check-ups. Isla went fully prepared to help with the exam sporting her stethoscope from the doctor kit she got for her birthday. (She is very interested in heart health!)

You're lookin' at 2 very healthy kiddos, post-visit. All those tears sure dried up fast (with surprisingly minimal bribery on our behalf.) The nurse even gave Isla tongue depressors–a perfect addition to the kit! Oh, and too many princess stickers, of course.

Wait to you get a load of these stats! We are growing giant children:

• 40 1/2" tall (90-95th percentile! Hello WNBA!)
• 34 lbs
• Great cholesterol and normal test results after a slightly traumatic blood draw (nothing a grape Tootsie Pop couldn't fix)

• 27" long (above average for height)
• 16 lbs., 11 oz.
• Handled 2 shots like a champ (although a pull off of Isla's sucker wouldn't have hurt)
• He's ready to move on to bigger and better food too: meat, cottage cheese, yogurt and a half rack of ribs (if only he had teeth!)

As parents, it sure was nice to get more than a passing grade at this visit!

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