Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Leaps and Bounds

Happy Leap Day! Thank goodness this year February is giving us an "extra" day, otherwise, how would we officially celebrate Gannon turning 7 months?!

Because this month we are leaping with excitement (rim shot!) over the start of a few milestones...

So, Horsey, let me fill you in on the excitement...
I'm not letting these chins get in my way of scooting around on my belly. It's close to an army crawl, but "crawl" is sort of a foreign word in this house. (Scooting is more these Kapellas babies style, just ask Isla.)

My noises are slowing turning to recognizable syllables. And I really enunciate, like when I say "Da". My tongue just comes out. I can almost say "Da Da" together!

Lay one on me, Horsey. Because I'm all about big, slobbery kisses these days.

Oh, I almost forgot. It must be because the "early" occurrence of this event is unprecedented in Kapellas kiddos in this family...I'm getting my first TOOTH! It's on the bottom and just poking through so there will be plenty of photo ops in the future, Mom.

(As some of you may recall, Isla didn't get her first tooth until just after turning 10 months old. We thought it would never come! So imagine my surprise when I discovered it just yesterday. As if the faucet mouth and unbelievably soaked bibs weren't the first hint!)

Bring it in for a hug, buddy. This is quite a celebration!

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