Sunday, June 24, 2012

Bless this Boy

Saturday, June 9th was a very special day for our family. The clear blue sky, the warm sand and the support and love of our closest family members all created a perfect day for Gannon's Blessing. 

We gathered in the morning at Foster Beach with the lake and city skyline surrounding us.

The head of the family, Big YiaYia, arrived in her chariot, escorted by two strapping Greek men.
Big YiaYia said this photo better not end up on Facebook. She didn't say anything about our blog...

The big sister was ready to splash and play. And honor her brother, of course.

A very captive audience.

Uncle Michael is Gannon's godfather. He bestowed a very moving blessing upon Gannon, who paid close attention to every word. Gannon knows when Uncle Michael speaks, it's going to be something good! 

We used representations of the four elements (water, air, fire and earth) to bless and welcome Gannon to his existence and to our family. We started with the (obvious) water of the lake, to celebrate his purity.

It was a little chilly, but he kicked up his little Fred Flintstone feet and splashed away!

Big Yia Yia offered Gannon a rose to smell, representing the air and breath of God, to fill him with great health and wonderful ideas.
Gannon promptly snatched the rose and put in his mouth,
and relished in this precious smooch from his great-grandmother.

We soaked up the sun's powerful rays, representing fire, igniting the passion in Gannon's spirit. 
Uncle Michael then treated Gannon to a little syrup, made from the earth, symbolizing the sweetness of life. Let's just say the syrup make the rose taste that much better.

This is our amazing officiant, Darrell from the Bodhi Spiritual Center. His passion for the value of life and the beautiful gifts it brings is like no other.
And he certainly gained a new friend in Gannon.

Mr. Man was a happy man as usual through the whole ceremony.
"Now let me get in that sand like the rest of you!"

We're honored to have Michael as Gannon's godfather. His knowledge, support, love and humor is sure to greatly enrich Gannon's life.

And thank you to our dear family for sharing this day with us. Your presence made it that much more meaningful and we appreciate all of you more than you know.

I think this excerpt from the ceremony is a great summation of the day:

Gannon, we see you for the perfect expression of life that you are. Thank you for coming to bless us.
We are so very happy. Our life is expanded and blessed because of you.

You are a miracle, you are magnificent, you are capable of all that you came to accomplish.

We love you, Mr. Man.

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