Thursday, June 21, 2012

Rocking Horse

Update #4:
When Gannon turned 10 months old at the end of May, he seemed excited to sit in the big yellow chair with his good ole horsey buddy. But, Mr. Man is a very busy little man and it took more effort than I anticipated to get this Babe Magnet to stay put!

"Hurry up mom, I've got places to go and ladies to meet!"

"Plllbbbbb. Pllllbbbbb. Plllbbbb."

There's my handsome boy. Good thing you couldn't see the amount of effort behind the scenes to get this shot. I quickly gave in to the shenanigans.

Apparently, horsey is training for an Olympic equestrian event judging by the way he was catapulted off the chair multiple times. Hilarious!

Horsey finally had enough and got the upper-hand. We're set for a rematch next month!

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