Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Tennessee Pride

Update #3:
Over Memorial Day weekend, we took a road trip to the home of the blues, the birthplace of rock n' roll, Justin Timberlake's old stomping grounds, where the ghost of Elvis might roam and most importantly, the hometown of our beautiful niece, Persephone! That's right, ya'll...Memphis, TN!

The kiddos were strapped in and armed with food, drink, toys and movies to endure this 9 hour adventure. Away we go...

It was a beautiful day for a long many more miles is it?! 

"Welcome to Missour-ah! 'Show me' your biggest smile, Betsy!"

I'm not sure if driving through Arkansas for 40 minutes counts as visiting a state. But, it counts enough for Isla and Gannon's scrapbook, I suppose.

We made it! And just in time before Gannon figured out how to get out of his car seat by himself!

And what a treasure to arrive to! Miss Persephone is as sweet in person as she is in pictures. I'm not sure who has better hair, her or Uncle Zab!  

These weary travelers were more than ready for bed that night.

Gannon: "Good morning, cousin! Let me give you a big squeeze!"

Persephone: "He's not going to eat me, is he mommy?"

Isla loves having another girl in the family. I think Persephone is looking forward to sharing hair styling tricks with Isla.

Oh, to hold a little baby again! It feels like a long time ago when Gannon was this small. Or was he ever really?

Our big boy is ready to explore The M! A three hour tour?

All aboard the Trolley...mommies and babies on one side, 

and daddies and nervous nellies on the other.

Welcome to historic Beale Street. If you plan to eat here, say at a restaurant called Dyer's Burgers, go early and not hungry. It may take a long time to never get your order even though the place has cleared out significantly and the cooks are standing around waiting for orders to prepare. Our "pleasant" waitress could only provide us with old, soggy fries to tie us over. As another sweaty server put it so elegantly as we gathered our things to leave without eating, "hey, it's Memorial Day weekend!" 

My mom is lucky I'm not a fan of ribs. But, poor Gail!

Hot but happy on the Trolley again as we took a quick ride around the city and down by the Mighty Mississippi.

"Mmm, child! That little family even looks good from behind!"

Look who got to join us for the weekend? Yay, Cadence!

Those popsicles were melting faster than the girls could eat them.

Ah, to have the life of these young ladies. Run, laugh, rest and repeat.

On Sunday, it was time to check out the Zoo and meet some relatives. ;)

Sundresses? Check! Pink hats? Check! So much sunblock? Double check!

Buddha, meet Buddha baby. Great bellies eat alike.

The definition of Lazy Sunday.

Gannon: "Now that is the life! Can I get my meals that way, mom?"

We were in awe of the amazing and entertaining animals at this zoo.
The elephants were all about seeking the shade. We followed their lead.

This polar bear was doing some water aerobics. His feet were massive.

He was really sticking his neck out for this picture. 

A beautiful giraffe family.

And a beautiful Kapellas family!

Memphis Zoo-1, Isla-0

Cadence really knows how to make her little sister happy. And Persephone always makes her big sister smile. So cute!

Gannon: "I really gotta get started on my beard week!"

The Arcade Restaurant, a Memphis institution. And the site of our final meal of the trip.

"Where's the bacon? I thought that was a package deal with eggs?"

"I've got your bacon right here, bubba!"

It was great to meet you, Persephone.

Thank you, Uncle Michael and Aunt Jenna for hosting us this weekend. 
"I know I look tired but everything's fried here in Memphis."

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