Sunday, September 9, 2012

I hear the train a-comin'...

Woot, Woot!! Yes, it's time for the update train!. It took a quick summer tour during August stopping at good times and celebrations along the way. And now, it's back in town and ready to fill you in!

To start, here are some images from the randomness of our days...

The siblings who nap together wake up happy together. Then mommy is happy too. 

It's no secret Isla loves stickers. I often find them stuck to anything and everything around the house. So, I really wasn't that surprised to find this giant "Thank You" sticker from Dominick's stuck to her forehead after she fell asleep for the night. I just don't remember her going to bed with it. Hmm...

Guess who loves pretzel rods? You're right! And he eats them just like his mommy, nibbling the salt off first. 

This curly-haired girl is sporting a twizzle. A what? A twizzle is a braid in Isla-nese. 

(I wish Paul would learn how to do it. My fingers are cramped!)

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