Sunday, September 9, 2012

He's a man, baby!

Update #2

On August 9, Gannon had his one year appointment with Dr. Benuck.

Gannon can't sit still anywhere and the exam table is no different. This paper was destroyed in 10 seconds. Shouldn't even have bothered to fix it again either.

How big do you think I am? Once a giant, always a giant. 
Weighing in at 25 lb., 4 oz and standing 32" tall. 
He is very healthy and right on track with his development, repeating sounds, babbling loudy, waving and trying to pull up to stand. It's safe to say he's ahead of the curve with his eating habits. On most days he eats better (and sometimes more) than Isla.

I'm on to you, "friendly nurse talking in a high-pitched voice to make me smile." Don't even think of coming near me with those shots. 
You know he took 'em like a man though. 

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