Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Always Be Prepared...for the worst!

So, remember that catnap Paul took earlier on Christmas Eve? And remember that motto the Boy Scouts live by? Well, we needed both tonight for the Christmas Eve Construction nightmare, also known as Isla's Hello Kitty Bike.

It started out so promising, as you can see by the smile on Paul's face. He has a beer and the confidence of a father somewhat seasoned in assembling special Christmas gifts.

But then, it came time to put the front wheel on. And that's where the wheels fell off (sorry had to say it.) Actually, the wheel wouldn't go on. And it still wouldn't go on after looking in the book, forcing it, looking in the book, looking online, looking at me. You get the idea.

Then we reached out to the trusted car expert in the family, Poppy, because we knew he'd have some way to get this wheel on or we would have one devastated little woman in the morning.

After digging deep into our super-parenting strength, possibly tearing our biceps and straining our back, the wheel was on and Paul continued the battle with this bike.
What was supposed to be another quick and easy assembly was probably worse than the kitchen he did for Isla a few years back. But, knowing that Isla will be beyond excited in the morning makes this late, late night totally worth it!

Yes, he's smiling and you can't hear the string of blog-inappropriate expletives through his teeth.
Great job, pk!

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