Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Don't EVEn tell me I have to wait to eat those treats: Part 3

The kiddos fixed a plate for Santa and his reindeer, but Gannon felt he needed to make sure everything tasted just right for dear old Santa. Especially that beer.

Gannon really couldn't help himself although he really wanted to help himself!

Hands off, buddy!

"Don't I at least deserve one extra cookie tonight? I am giving up my sooses so I can get an awesome truck from Santa! I'm sure he wouldn't mind if I helped him get a jump on this plate of food."

Sorry, Mr. Man. This is the official plate for Santa, beer, sooses and all. An empty plate and basket will make for very happy kiddos in the morning!

....a brief pause for a word from our sponsor...

These lovely and delicious cookies were all made during a lovely afternoon by Isla and her YiaYia especially for Christmas. Thank you, YiaYia, for everything you did to make this baking day possible. Amazing!


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