Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Can't EVEn wait for Santa: Part 1

The night that Santa finally arrives is here and the kiddos can hardly contain their excitement or sugar intake. Keeping with tradition, we headed down to Gammo and Grampy's house to start the holiday off right.

Presents in our stocking is a step in the right direction! Look at those cozy feet!

Gannon is either drawing up plans to a) sneak and see Santa b) take his sooses (pacifiers) back before Santa gets to them c) construct the ultimate train train bike d) all of the above.
See answer below.

"No, I won't touch anything or open these gifts back here, Gammo. That is not the sound of ornament falling or paper ripping. You're hearing things."

Sleeping now because he must have a premonition about the long night of present assembly ahead. (Stay tuned.)

Happy little family! Either I'm doing my best "SuperMom" impression or stabilizing my hips to hold my almost 5-year-old.

Thank you Gammo and Grampy for another wonderful night to get us ready for Santa!

Answer from above: D ( I think.) You never really know what's going on in that big brain of his!

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