Thursday, December 29, 2011

Gannon's "Rider"

Now that Gannon is 5 months old, he's gotten pretty good at working his magic for the camera.

And he's also come up with a list of requests for these mini-shoots:
good lighting, manly clothes and all that hair must be just right.
I put my lovely assistant, Isla (also known as "little mommy" who copies everything I do for Gannon), in charge of hair today.

"I heard there is the finest rice cereal money can buy in my trailer."

Picture perfect.

"This gig is really working. We can't get much cuter, can we?!"

In preparation for his 5-month chair appearance, Gannon decided to make some changes to his diet.
Hmm...this kind of looks like those mashed potatoes I wasn't too fond of the other day.
Ah! It's bananas! Phew...

Every food looks the same so far...but I overheard Daddy mention something about applesauce.
What about all of those colorful veggies in the Peapod order the other day?...

And he is already toning up from workouts with his new dumbbell (see Christmas Eve post).
Look at those guns!

"Seriously, Mommy. It's still the same old bath, even though my tub is now in the big tub.
I know, I know...growing up too fast, blah blah blah..."

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