Saturday, October 8, 2011

8 is great!

On Sunday, Mr. Marathon, a.k.a. Paul, is running his 12th marathon. It will also be his 8th consecutive Chicago marathon. It's ok to think he's crazy. I do, but I also think he's incredibly inspiring and amazing (and not just because I'm his lucky wife.)

Most people just aim to run "a" marathon. Paul doesn't stop until he's reached his goal. The thing is, his goal grows and grows and seems to be never-ending. Nevertheless, keep him in your thoughts and wish him a great race. Tomorrow's goal is to have fun and count this as a long training run for his next goal...a sub-3 in Vegas in December?!

Go, pk, GO!!

The infamous wall of names at the Nike booth at the Marathon Expo. I think his name should be in bold or something!

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