Monday, October 24, 2011

Return to Goebbert's

After the morning haircut, it was time for Gannon to experience his first pumpkin farm. Afterall, he needs to learn how to pick the best pumpkins for the upcoming Kapellas Karve-off.

Just my size!

Finding his pumpkin was just exhausting!

Isla caught up with a few of her "friends" from last year. This is one reason why Goebbert's is the best...lots of painted larger-than-life characters to keep Isla very occupied. Or is it distracted from our pumpkin finding mission?

This is the one!

No, maybe this one. The "sit-test" is still part of the routine.

Daddy thinks he found the winner.

"Mommy, let's take this giant one home!"

Here's that picture I mentioned earlier regarding the haircut. So cute!

These are by far the best little pumpkins in the patch.

What a day! Little pumpkins, big pumpkins, gourds, kettle corn and great memories. See you next year, Goebbert's!

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  1. I just love 'planting' traditions like trips to pumpkin patches! Cute pictures!