Sunday, October 9, 2011

Paul has logged a (Schweddy) run entry

Number 12 is in the books with a finish time of 3:29:58! Paul was finally able to take in the "fun" on this run and it was just as good as any marathon for these spectators too!

The support crew is ready: Tiffany, Gannon, Gammo, Grampy, Aunt Christine, Uncle Paul and Super Cheerleader Isla.

The Kenyans with Ryan Hall bringing up the rear of the pack. Fast running=blurry picture.

Mile 3.5: Already Schweddy! But lookin' good!


Time for Gannon to refuel.

You'd think after 7 Chicago marathons, Paul would know the routine of where to find his supporters. But, this is the picture you take when he is suddenly in your face after passing you by at mile 11.5. And look at those adoring fans on the left!
Still Schweddy in Chinatown! And he nearly passed us by AGAIN after a small miscalculation in time. Like I said, you'd think after 7 Chicago marathons...

"I don't see what's so hard about 26.2 miles. My legs feel great."

Mr. Marathon!

Yay, Daddy! We're all so proud of you. It never gets old watching your amazing ability.
Next up: Vegas, baby!

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