Sunday, April 8, 2012

Thank you, Easter Bunny!

The baskets were very full on Easter morning and it looks like the Bunny filled up his belly on his way out. Hmm...he ate all but the green jelly beans. I guess Mr. E. Bunny (and his wife) just don't like that flavor.
Time to see just what's in there!

Just like Soriano! Ha! (We're working on getting a new favorite player.)

This Belle loves Belle in any form.

And the moment (and mermaid!) she was waiting for.

"These will definitely help with all the flash photography."

Rarrr! I don't know whose teeth are sharper!

This just about says it all.

Sunday best buddies.

Gannon: "How 'bout a round of applause for the Easter Bunny?!"
Isla: "How 'bout we dig into that chocolate bunny back there on the counter!"

I don't think I've ever seen an adult (Paul) more proud of their decorated egg (it says ZAB, of course.)

But I'm sure Paul couldn't be more proud of this little egg he made either.

How did I get so lucky to land these two handsome men?

The best egg decorators on the far North side.

Happy First Easter, Mr. Man!

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